PROFILE: Amber Weaver, Sustainability Manager, Asheville, NC

Amber Weaver, Sustainability Manager, Asheville, NC

I got into sustainability because I love it. When I went to college I wanted to do things to help the world and community. I have a great love for the outdoors. Getting where I am now was a natural process. I’ve worked in water resources, with Keep America Beautiful, and on recycling and waste efforts. All of that has culminated in the work I do now.

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Green Minds Think Alike

People network graphic

In these peer-to-peer interviews, Kris Stenger, Sustainability Director at the City of Winter Park, Florida, has a series of conversations with SSDN members at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Durham, NC.

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Equity and Energy Collaboration

Expertise and collaboration for energy and efficiency SSDN

This project provides a library of resource materials that address the issues, challenges and opportunities of energy equity for our low income communities.

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Community Based Social Marketing

community recycling

The Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM) method of outreach and education was created to produce lasting and sustainable changes in the actions people take everyday.

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Sustainable Fleet Management

Sustainable fleet management is a goal of the Southeast Sustainability Directors Network SSDN

Department directors are familiar with choosing operating and capital options that represent cost savings, but not necessarily with making choices that also consider environmental and community health. These basic steps outline how to approach your Fleet Director, and develop a mutually beneficial relationship:

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Community Engagement

Community leaders work together on sustainability efforts

Good relationships with community stakeholders, such as neighborhoods and community development groups, can improve local government decision-making, legitimacy and overall community competitiveness.

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Sustainable Funding

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Securing funding for sustainability projects can be a daunting task. Local government too often must devote the bulk of its resources to projects that are long overdue, leaving little or nothing for proactive projects.

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