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The Southeast Sustainability Directors Network is a member-driven network connecting local government professionals throughout the southeastern United States to accelerate and scale the use of sustainability best practices in the region. SSDN members are regional leaders who influence practices, policies, and programs at the municipal, county, and state levels.


Vanessa King


Attend Annual Meeting, a face-to-face gathering where network members come together to share ideas, collaborate, and develop relationships

Apply for collaborative grants

Participate in the Steering Committee and other SSDN committees

Participate in peer learning workgroups, state-level conversations, and collaborative projects

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Membership is based on the calendar year (January – December).


Vanessa King



POPULATION BETWEEN 50,000 – 149,999


POPULATION BETWEEN 150,000 – 499,999




“Through SSDN, the City of Charlotte has been able to discuss overcoming obstacles to combat climate change with similar cities in population, area, and culture. We have utilized the group to build our expertise on different subjects and gain City support on initiatives that have been completed in other SSDN communities.”

Erika Ruane, City of Charlotte, North Carolina

"SSDN is an amazing resource for municipal sustainability professionals in the Southeastern US. SSDN provides beginning and experienced sustainability directors with access to collaborative learning opportunities, best practices in urban sustainability, and grant funding for city/county sustainability projects."

Peter Nierengarten, Sustainability Director, City of Fayetteville, Arkansas

“Through SSDN I was able to make personal connections with peers within our region. These connections are so important — whenever I need help, I am one email, one phone call away from my peers who are always so tremendously helpful. I love the SSDN annual meeting, where I meet with my counterparts from other cities/counties/states and learn more about their work, their challenges, and most importantly, identify opportunities where we can work together.”

Flavia Tonioli, Sustainability Manager, City of Miami Beach, Florida

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