Reducing Peak Energy Demand in Buncombe County, NC

Alice and Yulia with supplies demonstrating weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades in Asheville and Buncombe County, North Carolina.

Peak demand in the county during the colder months has more than doubled in the past several decades as the population has grown, and many of those energy users are low-income families that struggle with the cost of heating.

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SSDN Members are Ready for 100

Aerial image of people standing in a pattern to create the message "100 Mayors love 100% Clean Energy"

Despite a reversal in policies around fighting climate change at the federal level, cities and counties across the nation are declaring that they are still committed to clean energy.

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PROFILE: Amber Weaver, Sustainability Manager, Asheville, NC

Amber Weaver, Sustainability Manager, Asheville, NC

I got into sustainability because I love it. When I went to college I wanted to do things to help the world and community. I have a great love for the outdoors. Getting where I am now was a natural process. I’ve worked in water resources, with Keep America Beautiful, and on recycling and waste efforts. All of that has culminated in the work I do now.

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