Committed to guiding our network.


Committees provide an opportunity for members to directly engage with network staff to accomplish three main tasks: govern the network, provide input on network program direction, and implement strategy.


Meg Jamison

We are seeking Steering Committee members starting 2022!

The SSDN Steering Committee seeks candidates who:

  • Are regularly connecting with other members and consistently participating in network activities
  • Have shown participation and/or leadership within SSDN
  • Have a vision for the future of the network and a desire to help build it
  • Will contribute to the overall diversity of the committee (race and ethnicity, gender, size of city, and region)

Steering Committee Members selected to participate will:

  • Serve a three-year term (June 2022-May 2025)
  • Contribute to achievement of the purpose of SSDN and be an ambassador for SSDN
  • Serve as a steward, with SSDN staff, of the Strategic Plan (Update will be approved in 2022); Equity Commitments and core values;
  • Help establish and approve budgets for the network;
  • Provide guidance for fundraising efforts (dues, sponsorships, foundation grants) for SSDN;
  • Lead one or participate in SSDN activities;
  • Participate in at least 75% of monthly Steering Committee calls; 
  • Respond to requests for help from the Network staff;
  • Outreach to members to SSDN;
  • Communicate regularly with members about their activities, interests, and needs;
  • At minimum, participate in one 60 minute call each month with fellow committee members;
  • Dedicate no more than three hours/month in total

If you are interested in joining this team (starting June 2022),

please fill out this survey by Friday, April 1, 2022.


This opportunity is available to SSDN members only.


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