Southeast Sustainable Recovery Center

Sustainable Economic Recovery Across the South

Southeast Sustainable Recovery Center

The Southeast Sustainable Recovery Center (SSRC) provides a flexible service to fill gaps and help communities in the Southeast compete more successfully for funding opportunities from federal, state, and local sources. The SSRC coordinates with funding agency partners, and with a diversity of tools and resources, to provide guidance and information to SSDN's membership of local government officers. It also functions as a communications and strategy development hub to maximize opportunities for federal investment into Southeastern communities’ sustainability and resilience priorities.

The Southeast Sustainability Recovery Center aims to:

  1. Deploy a Southeast-specific economic recovery support mechanism that can consistently serve Southeastern communities by accessing funding to support their local sustainability and resilience initiatives;

  2. Maintain focused tracking of federal funding opportunities, presenting them to local sustainability leaders as avenues of innovation to serve the frontline communities most impacted by climate change;

  3. Strengthen the capacity of local government sustainability and resilience staff, government liaisons, development teams, and other actors to successfully access and implement sustainable economic recovery programs; and

  4. Create partnerships to support equitable, sustainable, and effective economic recovery by weaving together federal, state, and local resources to increase the impact of equitable investments in human capital, innovation, and sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Community Engagement

SSDN’s existing membership includes 108 local governments throughout the region, and outreach to new, smaller, and under-resourced communities is critical to the success of the SSRC. SSDN is currently conducting outreach to nearly a dozen communities across the region, and is supporting outreach efforts to community partners that serve as critical and trusted advocates in local communities.

SSDN's Federal Funding Spreadsheet

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Check out the video below in which SSDN Executive Director Meg Jamison and SSRC Manager Michael Dexter discuss the goals and offerings of the SSRC.

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