GREEN LIST: Florida Project, Dutch Dialogues, Single Use Plastics

A closeup photo of green grass in a field for SSDN members Mississippi
  • SSDN Peer Learning Charrettes- August Deadline Approaching
    SSDN’s Peer Learning Charrette (PLC) August proposal deadline is approaching! This program offers a limited number of small grants to support SSDN members in their desire to get together to share, develop and learn about specific sustainability or resilience practices that can be spread widely throughout the South. Learn more about Peer Learning Charrettes, program goals, eligibility, and how to apply here. Due Dates for Proposals:
    Deadline #1 – August 31, 2019 (5pm Eastern Time) 
    Deadline #2 – October 31, 2019 (5pm Eastern Time)
  • SSDN Kicks Off Year Long Project in Florida: This month, SSDN kicked off a year-long project working with Florida sustainability professionals to build capacity to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction goals via a focus on energy. Through this project, Florida cities and counties will work collaboratively on building relationships and working productively with utilities and regulators to explore opportunities for greater and more equitable access to energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicle adoption and more. The end goal of this project is that Florida’s local government sustainability professionals feel equipped with knowledge, skills and relationships that allow them to engage with key stakeholders and partners to co-create a more sustainable energy future for the state. This project is supported by the generous support of Energy Foundation.
  • The Dutch Dialogues- Charleston, SC
    To better understand how flooding issues are changing the Charleston landscape, the Historic Charleston Foundation and city leaders welcomed experts from the Netherlands to to help better understand what they need to do to adapt to flooding impacts.  After 800 years of living on the waters edge, the Dutch understand that flooding cannot be prevented, but the risks can be reduced. Combining integrative planning and urban landscape design, their approach works to manage water in their communities. Visit the Dutch Dialogues Charleston website to read more about the collaboration and the highlights from the recent gathering.
  • Fort Lauderdale Gets Certified as a Florida Green Local Government
    Congratulations Fort Lauderdale for receiving the Florida Green Local Government Certification (FGBC) last month! The FGBC designation is awarded to governments that demonstrate outstanding environmental stewardship and implement effective sustainable initiatives to strengthen their community.  Learn more about their Gold Level Certification here.
  • Fulton County, GA Passes Legislation to Reduce Single-Use Plastics
    In an effort to make Fulton County a leader in environmental sustainability, their Board of Commissioners recently voted to pass legislation to reduce the use of single-use plastics and the begin the process of substituting its use with sustainable alternatives. Join me in congratulating Fulton County’s Kenneth Darisaw for all his efforts to make this happen! Click here to read more!
  • Palm Beach County Develops Coastal Resiliency Partnership
    Recognizing that climate change and its impacts are not limited to our municipal boundaries, eleven municipalities within Palm Beach County have developed the Palm Beach County Coastal Resiliency Partnership as a means to work together to find solutions. The partnership aims to foster synergy in assessing climate vulnerability, prioritizing adaptation needs, and implementing adaptation strategies. To read more about this regional collaboration, please see page 2 of the LMS Times article here.
  • ACEEE’s City Clean Energy Scorecard
    Orlando, Atlanta, Knoxville, Raleigh, Nashville, New Orleans, Miami, Tampa, Memphis, Charlotte and Birmingham have all made it onto the list of ACEEE’s top 75 U.S cities making headway to reduce its energy use and scale up clean energy. Congratulations to all of our member communities!
  • Mini Guide to Local Government Engagement With Public Utility Commissions
    As many of you know, there are great benefits to engaging with your local Public Utility Commission (PUC).  This mini guide has been created to further outline the opportunities and benefits of working with your PUC and lays out the options local governments have in participating in participating in the regulatory process.
  • Job Opportunities:
    Sustainability Administrator– Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Sustainability Water, Energy and Projects Coordinator– West Palm Beach, FL
    Waste Reduction and Recycling Assistant– Greensboro, NC
    Recycling Coordinator– Hollywood, FL
    Communications Manager– SEEA- Atlanta, GA
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