Improving Recycling Through Social Marketing


This project will guide the eight participating communities through planning, development, and implementation of a community-based social marketing (CBSM) campaign by providing expert-level educational resources that are tailored to serve the specific goals and needs of each community. CBSM is a specific community engagement methodology for community engagement largely based on using market research practices to influence behavior change. All eight communities are focusing on various aspects of recycling.


This project will produce 5 webinars, CBSM tools for SSDN members to use in their community campaigns, and each participant community will implement a CBSM campaign in their community. The educational webinars are as follows:

  1. Selecting and Prioritizing Behaviors: Topics included methods for identifying target audiences, defining measurable behaviors, and strategies for prioritizing behaviors based on an analysis of impact, existing penetration, probability of engagement, and applicability.  COMPLETED: Review the webinar
  2. Conducting Barrier and Benefit Research: Topics may include best practices for conducting focus groups (e.g., recruitment, guide design, and facilitation), designing and administering surveys, selecting samples, and analyzing results. Participants will be provided with sample survey tools and model questions along with links to additional resources. COMPLETED: Review the webinar
  3. Strategy and Message Design: Topics may include selecting appropriate behavior change tools for identified barriers, overcoming structural barriers, methods for enhancing motivation, and best practices for communication and branding. COMPLETED: Review the webinar
  4. Pilot Testing and Evaluation: Topics covered may include identifying metrics, field testing strategies, message testing, measurement/tracking, analyzing results, and calculating ROI. COMPLETED: Review the webinar
  5. Troubleshooting, Lessons Learned, Scaling Up: The final webinar will be an open format during which participants will present challenges, share lessons learned, etc.


Oldsmar, FL; Mecklenburg County, NC; Volusia County, Fl; Winston-Salem, NC; Huntsville, AL; Cary, NC; Fayetteville, AR; Orange County, FL;


June 2015- June 2016