2019 Annual Meeting — Sarasota, Florida

SSDN members on the beach in Sarasota, Florida.

Working Together in the Sunshine State

The SSDN 2019 Annual Meeting was held on May 6th – 8th, 2019, in Sarasota, Florida.

Thank you very much to our kind hosts: Sara Kane, Lee Hayes Byron, Stevie Freeman-Montes, Jeff Vredenburg, and the entire Sarasota team, and to the SSDN Annual Meeting Planning Committee of Susannah Troner, Ann Livingston, and Melinda Glasgow.

2019 Agenda

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2019 Reimbursement Form

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Vanessa King


2019 Meeting Presentations

Thank you to our members for their presentations from this year’s meeting. We are happy to share any of the Annual Meeting presentations with our members. If you would like access to a presentation, please contact Vanessa King at vanessa@southeastsdn.org.

Breakout Session 1 Topics

  • Planning for Climate Impacts
  • Financing Sustainability
  • Innovative Green Infrastructure
  • Stormwater Management Tools

Breakout Session 2 Topics

  • Resilience Planning and Next Steps
  • Incorporating Renewables to Meet Sustainability Goals
  • Trees

Breakout Session 3 Topics

  • Green Building Codes and Practices
  • Regional Collaborative Efforts to Address Climate Change
  • Utility Partnerships

2019 Sponsors

Sponsorship support makes this crucial face-to-face collaboration possible. Annual Meeting sponsors gain exposure to key change makers who are working with their local government and community members to create more resilient, adaptable, livable, and prosperous places. Sponsorship confers a number of unique promotional and participatory benefits.

To learn more about our 2019 Annual Meeting sponsorship, please view our sponsorship flyer, or contact Vanessa King at vanessa@southeastdn.org.

2019 Photos

Browse photos from our 2019 Annual Meeting below.