One of the primary activities SSDN supports to keep members connected are work groups. Work groups are small and designed to connect members around a specific topic. Some groups might get on the phone once to share what they know, others might rally around a project idea and get a grant to implement that project in their various communities.

Ultimately, working groups do what the members in that group decide. When the group stops wanting to hang out about that topic the group stops meeting. Like everything in SSDN, work groups are member driven and the more you give the more you get.

To join a committee or work group members can email Meg Jamison. Most collaborative work groups are set groups of members who sought and won grant funds to work together. To learn how to plug into a collaborative work group email Maggie Ullman.

SSDN Committees
Steering Committee: This committee is the leadership team for the network. Responsibilities include:
  1. Help establish goals, objectives, and budgets for the  network
  2. Serve as an ambassador for SSDN to the general public, new, and veteran members
  3. Assist in fundraising for SSDN
  4. Lead one or participate in several SSDN activities (i.e. committees, groups, emerging projects)

A few seats on this committee typically turn over each year with new members being appointed after the annual meeting. If you are interested in applying to this committee review the Steering Committee Application and consider reaching out to a current committee member to learn more.

Annual Meeting Planning Committee: This committee works with the network coordinators to design the annual face to face meeting for the network. Responsibilities include:
  1. Evaluating and selecting meeting location
  2. Establishing meeting goals and objectives
  3. Designing the agenda and field trips
  4. Evaluating success of the meeting
Communications Committee: This committee focuses on how the network communicates with members and the general public.
The Communications Committee currently meets on an “as-needed” basis.
If you’re interested in participating in this committee please email Meg Jamison at
Information Sharing Groups
Florida Work Group

This group of Florida members gets on the phone and meets every year face to face to swap stories of current events in state legislation and utility policy.


Tennessee Directors Work Group

This group of Tennessee members gets on the phone to swap stories of current events in state legislation and utility policy.

Collaborative Work Groups
Mayors Workplace Challenge

This group of 8 communities is creating an online platform for businesses to participate in a sustainability workplace challenge program. Modeled after the City of Nashville’s program, this team of SSDN members is leveraging teamwork to streamline and design a program that any community can access and implement.

Partnership for Resilience and Empowered Planning (PREP)

This group of 9 communities worked together to educate themselves on climate adaptation data specific to the southeast and the community resilience planning process. Through this shared learning they created a Community Resilience Planning Handbook for communities across the Southeast to learn from and benefit.

Education to Execution: A Community Based Social Marketing  (CBSM) Workshop Series

The group of 8 communities will learn about the CBSM community engagement method then co-design CBSM programs to implement in their communities. Implementation programs will focus on creating long term behavior change in areas such as recycling and energy conservation.