As a member-driven network, SSDN will leverage the knowledge and experience of network members to build member capacity and collaborate to advance and model innovative policies and programs that transform sustainability in the region and nation.

The purpose of this network is to build capacity for community sustainability in the Southeast. SSDN strives to support members in their work, influence sustainable policies and program at the local and state levels, and lead the advancement of regional sustainability.


  • Member organizations shall designate one primary participant to the network who will be the key point of contact with SSDN, be responsible for paying member dues, and be accountable to meet membership requirements.
  • This primary participants shall be a city and/or county government official with a demonstrated job function of cross-departmental and community-wide sustainability role.
  • Located in one of the following nine southeastern states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee
  • SSDN membership is a mixture of communities at various stages of sustainability implementation, including some that are just starting out and some that are relatively experienced. What each member should share is a commitment to sustainability and some evidence his or her community is moving forward.


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SSDN Membership Payment