PROFILE: Alissa Farina, Resilience Programs Manager, Miami, FL

Alissa Farina, Resilience Programs Manager, Miami, FL

Alissa Farina
Resilience Programs Manager
Miami, Florida

I am a Resilience Programs Manager for the Office of Resilience and Sustainability in Miami, FL. Our dept leads on developing and overseeing the City’s strategy on addressing climate change risks. Personally, I lead on community outreach and engagement – making sure all stakeholders (residents, business owners, investors, City staff) understand how the City is vulnerable to climate change and what the City is doing to tackle the issue. In addition, I am working on bringing sustainability initiatives back to the City so we can reduce our carbon footprint.

I have worked for the City since August 2017. I started as a temp working on an informational campaign about King Tides. This was two weeks before Hurricane Irma hit – a very interesting time to start working for the government!

When I took my original job as a temp, I did not realize that I had found my dream job. I have always been passionate about environmental issues and I am lucky to have the opportunity to work on the issues I care most about. I interact with the public regularly (which I love) and know that the work my department does is transformative, important, and really makes a difference which is extremely fulfilling.

My main hobby in my free time is playing Ultimate Frisbee. I play competitively with the team I captain in Miami, Fiasco, and we travel to other states to play in tournaments throughout the summer. During the school year, I coach a college women’s Ultimate team with my former teammate/good friend from college. Besides Ultimate Frisbee, I like bike riding, yoga, dancing, and stand-up comedy. I am slowly getting back into reading books.