GREEN LIST: RFP Peer Learning Charrettes, Climate Resilience Guide, Dump the Cart Waste

A photo of a sunrise sky over mountains for SSDN members Tennessee
  • SSDN Opens RFP for Peer Learning Charrettes!
    Sometimes, regional challenges are easily solved by direct and personal opportunities to work together and develop best practices and solutions. However, there is often limited funding for additional travel and time for these types of opportunities outside of normal job responsibilities and travel budgets. SSDN’s Peer Learning Charrette (PLC) program offers a limited number of small grants to support SSDN members in their desire to get together to share, develop and learn about specific sustainability or resilience practices that can be spread widely throughout the South. Learn more about Peer Learning Charrettes, program goals, eligibility, and how to apply here. Due Dates for Proposals:
    Deadline #1 – August 31, 2019 (5pm Eastern Time)
    Deadline #2 – October 31, 2019 (5pm Eastern Time) Grant Decisions:
    Deadline #1 – Late September – Early October, 2019
    Deadline #2 – Late November – Early December, 2019
  • Asheville Releases Climate Resilience Resource Guide
    After two years of evaluating their vulnerability and risk to impacts of extreme weather, the City of Asheville released this month its Building a Climate-Resilient Asheville, a guide focusing on steps individuals can take to reduce their vulnerability to climate threats. You can download the personal action guide here.
  • Dump the Cart Waste Collection Pilot Begins in Raleigh
    Using Raleigh’s Sustainability Fund, the city has implemented a pilot project downtown using six high capacity containers to collect trash, mixed recyclables and cardboard, underground. Read more about this exciting collaboration here.
  • Report Finds that U.S. Forests Are Being Clear-Cut to Supply Biomass Energy
  • Carbon Disclosure Project Matchmaker Workshop: Accelerating Sustainable Climate Infrastructure Investment in Cities
  • SEEA Offers TA for 50001 Ready– A program to help medium and large organizations (hint: local governments) establish an energy management system in accordance with international standards.
  • Request for Proposals: Partnership for Resilient Communities-Register for the July 2nd RFP webinar here.
  • CREWS Virtual Training Webinar– Policy & Practice: Water & Climate Change
  • Job Opportunities:
    Senior Director of Sustainability: Atlanta, GA
    Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Director: Raleigh, NC
  • Each year at our Annual Meeting we select the topics for our next year of workgroups.  This year, we determined our members are interested in learning more about the following topics:
    • Green Building Codes
    • Greening Government Operations
    • Climate Action Planning
    • GHG Emission Reduction Strategies
    • Sustainability Start-ups (New to the field)
    • Organic Waste Reduction Strategies
    • Water and Energy in Public Housing
    The purpose of each workgroup is to provide time for peer led discussions, allowing our members to learn from each other and share helpful resources. If you are interested in sharing your own project success, insights and/or lessons learned with our members on any of the above topics, please email SSDN’s Network Coordinator, Vanessa King and let her know you would like to be listed as Technical Assistance for one of our workgroups.